too hot to handle

It's crazy...

I have so much to say but to make it simple; you guys change my life

credits; 930509@tumblr. I'm too lazy to create one sorry!

★ Currently having flu. Sucks because it's been a while but I just need to bear with it.

★ Assignments here and there. I hate having group assignments. Too many disadvantages, at least for me because our ideas are completely opposite and the working progress is very slow. Mind you, I HATE DOING THINGS esp ASSIGNMENTS; SLOWLY. If you know me, I do things pretty fast. I don't like procrastinating when it comes to assignments so yeah.

★ Done downloading MP RE version and I freaking ♥ all the songs. GET!! is definitely my Hey! Say! 7 favourite song and Beat Line is like the best song Hey! Say! JUMP ever had... at least for now lol At the moment, listening to them while doing my assignments.

★ MP making-of is ♥ not the best but I like it as there's a few NakaChii moments. And as for YUUKI 100% concert footage, still watching them :)

★ Will watch Detective Conan, Ikemen Desu Ne, Ouran, Ao No Exorcist and Sacred Seven after I have done my assignments. I seriously missed my lazy days. Urgh.

★ My new roomate is a Sudanese but she is super shy so it's hard to have a conversation with her. While her friend is a bit too talkative.

★ I feel like choking my friend when she said she doesn't believe JUMP did't do any plastic surgery. She said Yamada and Yuto's nose is too nice/pretty. I think she can't handle the facts that her beloved K-pop artists did plastic surgery while JUMP (or should I say JE talents) didn't do any surgery. I'm not sure about others but JUMP definitely not. Braces? Yeah, but everyone did that including my sister orz

★ People, looks like I will spend my time online less than I predicted T_T I might rarely comment your entries or will reply your comments late but please understand that university are pretty demanding nowadays esp when there's assignments.

Have fun, F-list!
too hot to handle

Happy Eid Mubarak~

... Will be on hiatus for a week or more, not sure though because of this celebration, a trip with family, university is starting and I need to arrange my class schedule so it's gonna take a while. Wish me luck guys!

Anyway, have fun everyone~!
too hot to handle

Dear, Yuto...

/take a deep breath
/preparing to shout

to mr. drum freak, bug maniac, photography lover, music addict, tap prince, moonwalk ikemen, basashi eater, manemono boy, a-person-who-talks-alone-or-with-his-drums-and-dogs XD

Seriously Yuto, how are you even real?
I mean, you are the definition of perfection that I could ever known. You are one lovable dork who likes happy atmosphere and you are not good with bad surrounding. It makes you so adorably cool yet active (Idk what I'm saying actually).

If you want me to describe you, I need to call language experts around the world to create a new word to describe you because honestly, I can't. But for me, you're inexplicable. Amazing beyond the word. Pordon me for exaggerating. I love you too much.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Nakajima, for rising such a fine young man that anyone could ever dream of (at least for me). I wish you all the best and stay healthy, Yuto. True to yourself and you will never lost your way. Good luck and again, Happy Birthday!

I won't ask you to marry me, kay although that sounds good. lol

 no LJ cut because he deserves it :)

too hot to handle

Sorry :\

 102 → 77

Sorry for those who got cut. Reasons;

1] Your LJ pretty much... dead?
2] Different language post. I only understand English and Malay, so yeah
3] You guys never comment my entry
4] Never tried to know me when I already did my part
5] Not in the same fandom anymore which makes us rarely talk
6] Others

If you guys still want to be my f-list, just send me msg. Not that I feel almighty or what but to know whether you really want to be my friend or just for the sake of increasing your f-list numbers... Don't worry, I won't bite. In fact, I rarely got mad.
Lastly, if you're not cut, you can see my locked posts :)

too hot to handle

I need to say this right now

 Please pardon me for a sec.


yutofans @ tumblr

srsly, this guy is hot but at the same time; WHY IS HE SO FREAKIN' CUTE?
adorable, charming and kinda... flirty >/////<

Ok, I'm out. /flailing. dead. flailing. dead
 no lj cut cuz he's too cute for it. plus, I don't think lj cut is able to hide him LOL
p/s: I shall come back with another flailing post /evil grin. [info]tomo_roses , I shall seek for revenge. LOL
too hot to handle

Happy 20th birthday :)

 Hi :D

→ I'm going home today
→ Mid term exam is starting this Sunday!
→ First paper will be Understanding in Islam
→ And Monday is Arabic paper
→ Wish me luck!

Happy Hatachi!

Wow, 20 already?! FOREVER YOUNG face you have there, Daichan Keep your face like that (just like Nino did his) and keep smiling :)